Mission 1: From DYMAXION (DYnamic MAXimum tensION) to LEMACTION (LEarning from MAximum aCTION)


1) You will find some light material on your table. That is the beginning of a challenging competition.

2) During the next three hours, try to build the largest space as possible with that material.

3) Seduce the jury with your arguments.



The Hacienda must be built. A place for the maximum leisure, intense atmospheric experiences and interesting degrees of uncertainty that will host a diversity of uncontrolled pleasant experiences. The Hacienda has to be constructed with the minimum of conventional architectonic physical materials (beams, pillars, covers, facades, grounds, etc.) and the maximum of immaterial elements (sounds, vibrations, glances, desires, signs, etc.)

“We are bored in the city, there is no longer any Temple of the Sun. Between the legs of the women walking by, the dadaists imagined a monkey wrench and the surrealists a crystal cup. That’s lost. We know how to read every promise in faces — the latest stage of morphology. The poetry of the billboards lasted twenty years. We are bored in the city, we really have to strain to still discover mysteries on the sidewalk billboards, the latest state of humor and poetry.” (1)

1- Gilles Ivain (Ivan Chtcheglov). Formulary for a new Urbanism. At Internationale Situationniste #1. October 1953.